John Jones writes:13 Jun 2014
Did 2 tours on Aeromeds at Lyneham 75-77 and 80-83. It was a great time I had there. The Load Masters always ordered Prawn Curry for breakfast as I requested when there was an early morning take off, especially to Norway.Great bunch and a fabulous time.

John Sawyer writes:08 May 2014
Its nice to see that so many truckies enjoyed "Rompers" and have fond memories of times that were NOT all that funny.
Hi ,All

Martin Oxborrow writes:23 Jun 2012
Just found this on reminiscing after my 60th Birthday; so sad Chas has passed from us. So many old friends on here - my family is wondering why I'm chuckling so loudly to myself! Ah the memories - Kokkinelli, Albert Ross its all coming back - Neil's velvet 'Route Jacket' Hi everybody!!!

Mick Clabby writes:23 Apr 2012
I still only have the second volume but, I introduced the new DOCS at Lyneham while I was there (2007-2011) to Rompers, they soon understood that nothing had changed in the previous 3-4 decades. Now the wurkules is at Braze, I expect the same old problems will continue to occur; no transport, Akronelli opening hours...

Brian Wildey writes:09 Apr 2012
Only just found this site! I was a nav on 30 from Nov '69 to Nov '73 (then left at my 8yr option, became CAA ATCO ).
Spent 5 months detached to JATE then came back to the squadron April '73 straight onto a Singapore trip with Colin Ruston with a Co I'd not seen before - Chas F-K. Navs were always a bit suspicious of new Cos, would they have a sense of humour? not descend too early! run a good imprest! and the beer! What a star Chas was, ticked all the boxes and played his guitar as often as possible. We were swept up by a VC10 and with Chas strumming sang 'Bye,bye Miss American Pie' all the way back to Brize. Met him a couple of times in the later 70s at the Lyneham OM (courtesy of the late George Brown) and he was always smiling. RIP Chas.

Pete McNichol writes:19 Oct 2011
Ah, what fond memories re-reading the online Romper's Green brings back--the Romper's cartoons are still soooo current despite being 29 years!! old.

I would just love to have seen Chas's cartoons in 2011 for the recent Werkules (seamless) move to RAF Braised Mutton.

Best wishes to all fellow truckers.

Pete McNichol

John Sawyer Blue Team/ blss/alss/eng ops writes:03 Oct 2011
still browse through my copy when i feel nostalgic(getting worse of late)

a much needed relief at the time,life was serious. ADMIN andORG WAS A DISTANT FORERUNNER ,ANYONE REMEMBER IT

Mike Kent writes:06 Apr 2011
Took Chas and a bunch of Britannia birds out to BAH on CX 200, he couldn't believe that he'd actually make The Diplomat again after leaving the Mob... umpteen beers later saw F-K in the pool fully clothed once again... just like all those years ago in Belize.. happy days. RIP Chas.

Steve Hritz writes:01 Mar 2010
Just googled Chas' name and was stunned to see that he had passed away. I was the USAF exchange pilot with 47 Sqn from 1981-1984 and Chas was my instructor on my first OCU upgrade. What a character. I think I still have my original Rompers Green copies tucked away somewhere.

Last time I flew with him was TDY to Akrotiri. We had a crew kee-bab and lots of cockonelli (SP?)

So sorry to hear of his passing.

Jim Meridew writes:23 Feb 2010
Sadly, I never had the opportunity to fly with Chas. Like Robbie, I still have the originals of Rompers Green and they are a wonderful reminder of good times.

Akronelli...........Beereaze.......Nacevals............great observations on the life of a trucker!

John Brunton writes:18 Feb 2010
Chas was a exceptionally cheerful man who had the ability to raise spirits when the 'chips were down'. It was always a great pleasure to fly with him.

Whilst crossing the vast 'US divide' and en-route to Nellis, Chas would be thumbing through the HF frequencies and listening-in to the truckers CB radios, whereupon he'd often join-in with the 'banter'. "Breaker, Breaker, this is Fat Albert headin' West in a four-turbo."

Fond memories.


Nick Nicholls writes:18 Feb 2010
I've just found my way to this page via the 30 Sqn Association and, like all other contributors, am so sad to hear that Chas is no longer with us. I have just had a reflective hour flicking through my log book and Chas F-K features often and in one or two "Epics" as well. He was always a joy to fly with.

Robbie Robinson writes:12 Feb 2010
Just been to the 30 Sqn Web Site & the Link to Rompers Green. Great memories - and yes - I still have the originals ! We were both on 30 Sqn at the same time; so my question is - [ and my memory fails me ]: Was it not Chas who got the story rolling with the BBC to include an episode in their "Task Force" series ? I know we spent days filming at Hullavington & I ended up sitting in the Co-pilot's seat eating a Mars Bar & pretending to look startled when the Controls suddenly moved by themselves ! [ based on true fact when an aircraft was in the Caribbean & a Crew Member {medically discharged } 'pulled' on the control cables ! ].
Chas was always full of enthusiasm & would have run the entire production if the BBC had asked him. He may well have proposed the whole concept of the task force idea to the BBC. I know it ran for at least one season & was a good advertisement for the Forces. Anyone can help fill in the gaps ?
Cheers, Robbie Robinson.

Peter Keeble writes:27 Jan 2009
I was so sad to hear of Chas' passing. Unfortunately I never met him, having interwoven my two-part Hercules career with a 9 year gap around the time Chas was producing the wonderful "Rompers Green". When I returned to the fleet in 1985 Mike Bradstock-Smith (or Bradenstoke-Smythe as we preferred to know him!) had taken up the challenge of continuing Chas' legendary account of Coole and the gang. Knowing I was a part-time cartoonist (remember "Copilot Capers" in the Lyneham Globe around 1968 to '72) he asked me if I would care to take over the task. A little reluctant to attempt to emulate Chas brilliance, I nonetheless managed to publish a year's worth of copy in the vein of "the introduction of the new Stealth Hercules" under a new Station Commander "Mad Mike H" who had an uncanny resemblance to one Michael Heseltine before my imagination dried up! I can't claim to be anywhere close to Chas' inventiveness but we did have a lot of fun with the satire as he must have done during his production of the original. RIP Chas.

Brian May writes:02 Aug 2008
RIP Chas. Flew with him many times as a newbie FE on 30. He was also a new captain - were we really that young?

I also lent out my RG Collection and am delighted to see it available.

My wife and I have just creased up at the spoofs, the cynicism and the sheer reality of it all. Mr Hardwick would definitely not have approved (living proof you can survive a sense of humour removaI). Just as well Al Tolhurst took over.

Ray, glad things are improving. Can't get a real job so am still flying and living proof that nostalgia is not what it used to be.

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