Gus Turney writes:03 Sep 2007
So very sad to hear of Chas's passing. His legacy lives on in the Rompers Green collection. In these days of political correctness, Rompers is a breath of fresh air. I think Tiswas on a Saturday morning, was the only thing that made me laugh more! Regards to all Ascoteers, fm an ex-UKBAGS type.

Neil Goulding writes:20 Jul 2007
Chas F-K was a true gentleman of this world. We were neighbours in the Chippenham patch for years, until he restored an Austin Healey 3000, sold it and put the profit down as the deposit on his first house.
We flew together many times. His habit was to take his guitar down the route.
On one very memorable "concert" in the bar of the "Albert Ross" hotel, in Gander, we sang, "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm alright". It brought the house down. I've loved Newfies ever since.
Chas's gift to us, through Rompers Green, was to crystallise those moments in time, the frustrations, the pleasures, the people, in a permanent and unforgettable record that, even for those who came after, doing the same jobs, still strikes a chord thirty years later. We know now that nothing much changes. It could have been written last year. He is still with us in spirit.

So many familiar names and old friends on this guestbook. Hello to you all.

Neil Goulding
24 Sqn 1976 - 1985

Mr Mick Aves writes:07 Jun 2007
What happy days, Chas captured the moment, he will be sadly missed. From a G/E`s point of view, it was the best job in the world. Good luck to you all.
Mick Aves. BLSS 1976-1981 Ex SOAF Ex British Airways

David Catlow writes:02 Mar 2007
Great to see these online. Does anyone know when these actually stopped being written, has the legacy been passed on?

Regards to all.

Tony Knight writes:02 Mar 2007
I too fondly remember the good times with Albert &co represented by rompers. I had the priveledge of flying with Chas on a few occasions, and particularly remember an impromptu party at the Run-em-Inn in Masirah where he and his guitar were very welcome. (Plus the Keo, brandy, potatoes and milk that we brought in!)
Regards to all truckies
TK ALSS GE (1977-1982)

Mike Kemp writes:27 Jan 2007
Had a call from Colin Williams recently, ref Association Reunion coming up in April. Was shattered to hear that Chas is no longer with us. However, in going to the 30 Sqn web-site, at least I re-discovered the eternal Rompers Green. What joy, and what a memorial to a splendid chap.

Pat Duncan writes:27 Nov 2006
Right to the nitty gritty and very enlightning,were minivals,tacivals,mayflights for real or was it a dream? Ex 47 Hastings ie Biggles flys east.

Stuart Watson writes:21 Nov 2006
What a find, after many years away from Lynham and an enjoyable tour on B Line. Rompers Green brings all the memories of great times hard work and wonderful companionship flooding back. I look forward to browsing through the on-line episodes.

Jack Cross writes:20 Nov 2006
Geez, this takes me back to when life seemed more like these cartoons than it did to reality. I lost my original printed copies years ago, so I'm so glad to have all these memories brought back to me. "UKBAGS" rules!!

Wally Rhodes writes:01 Aug 2006
Just found the web site after 25 years away. (Not where you think) Had forgotten how good it was. Keep on truckin CF-C

Gerry Mooney writes:05 Apr 2006
I was given a bound copy of Volume One at the Ground Engineers reunion on !st April 2006 (Yes! I agree ......a perfect date for such a function)........I'd forgotten just how funny it was..... and close to the truth......
Many Thanks

Geoff Collins writes:03 Mar 2006
How wonderfull to see Chas' masterpieces on the web. Happy memories of Glander, Beereaze, Akronelli and Hall Party flood back.

All we wanted to do was haul freight (with the occasional stop u/s in a reasonable spot) and yet the system seemed designed to make life difficult. Chas brought it all to life and even included the Starship Enterprise.!

Anyway, happy days, no less. In spite of numerous house moves, I have my cherished copies of Volumes 1 and 2 signed by the great man himself.

Greetings to all fellow truckies

Geoff Collins (ex-30, 47SF, 242 OCU & LXX)

Derek Sprague writes:11 Sep 2005
I stumbled on this site after hearing, belatedly, the very sad news of the death of Chas. As a baby nav at Lyneham in the very early 80's, I remember us quizzing Chas in theScruffs bar each month eager to find out about the next installment. They were wonderful stories and, as i was to find over the next 20 years of flying in Hercs, so true to life.

I remember purchasing the Vol 1 when it came out and still read it from time-to-time; it brings a wry smile to my face and many happy memories. I am delighted to now complete the set.

many thanks and best wishes to all those that remember me from LXX and 24
Derek Sprague (Del Boy to some)

Bruce Oram writes:18 Aug 2005
I lost my copies of this cult cartoon strip years ago, but to find it on the net is tremendous. I can remember it was always a fight to get the Globe, just to read Rompers Green.

It was also wonderful to read that Uncle Fester, AKA Ray Evans is in remission.

Regards to all who knew me when I was at Lyneham

Don Cook writes:29 Jul 2005
I was officer i/c the Lyneham Globe (on a career push that seemed to peter out in the mid-80's!) when we published Chas's first Rompers Green. I well remember my extreme rollocking from Wg Cdr Admin as he demanded 'Who wrote this puerile crap' and sent me to see the acting Station Commander for another rollocking after flinging the offending Globe in my face (nice man....can't even remember his name). Luckily when Crash Amos returned from leave he took a different view - I even remember him paying for a double taceval issue. Happy days.

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