Volume One

Volume One consists of parts one to thirty from 1977 to 1979. The entire volume is also available as a PDF file in the download section, suitable for some on route reading or for printing out.

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Foreword - by Chas Finn-Kelcey

Part One
We begin in the briefing room, where Flt.Lt. Coole is briefing his crew for a trip to Beereaze, in Central America....View

Part Two
Flt.Lt. Coole has arrived at the aircraft, where he is told that there is a slight delay in loading a new staff car for the UKBAGS detachment in Beereaze....View

Part Three
Ch.Tech. Spanner has just about finished fixing the aircraft when Flt.Lt. Bone the station doc appears on the scene....View

Part Four
Flt.Lt. Coole and the crew of Ascart 4321 have finally got airborne for Glander....View

Part Five
At last!......Flt.Lt. Coole and the crew of the notorious Ascart 4321 appear to have escaped the clutches of U.K....View

Part Six (Special Edition)
Ascart 4321 has finally reached Glander on its flight to Beereaze....but news of their arrival has reached very important ears, back in the UK....View

Part Six MkII
The Naceval continues....View

Part Six MkIII
The Naceval continues....View

Part Seven
While Rompers Green suffers the agonies of Naceval, the crew of Ascart 4321 undergoes the task of having a day stop at Glander, the crossroads of the North Atlantic....View

Part Eight
As the crew of Ascart 4321 are facing the many difficulties of the route to Beereaze, back at Rompers Green, there are problems of another kind to contend with....View

Part Nine
While Rompers Green continues to cope with the assaults on its hard-pressed resources, the crew of ascart 4321 continues its quest for Beereaze....View

Part Ten
In order to help meet heavy tasking, Rompers Green is attempting to recover a cannibalised airframe from Seasau....View

Part Eleven
While the crew from Sting awaits the missing spares for the U/S airframe, thrust upon them at Seasau, the gallant heroes of Ascart 4321 finally reach their goal....View

Part Twelve
The crew of Ascart 4321 are now enjoying a well-earned rest in the city of Beereaze. Meanwhile, back at Rompers Green......View

Part Thirteen
We return to Rompers Green in the most eventful month of 1978 -- so far....View

Part Fourteen
We rejoin the crew of Ascart 4321 in Beereaze, where they have been waiting for their cargo, delayed somewhere deep in the jungle....View

Part Fifteen
Returning once more to the exotic island of Seasau, we find the crew from Sting excitedly doing ammendments to their various documents, having received a large crate of "A.L.'s" courtesy of Birdseed Air Cargo....View

Part Sixteen
The crew of Ascart 4321 are finally heading back towards Seasau......unaware that even now, plans are afoot to delay their progress yet again....View

Part Seventeen
Still awaiting the arrival of spares on the island of Seasau, the crew of Ascart 4321 are now meeting every aircraft in from UK or Glander or USA or indeed anywhere, in the hope that they may eventually locate the missing parts....View

Part Eighteen
Having made it to Glander, hopes of going home have again been dashed for Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew....View

Part Nineteen
Flt.Lt. Coole and crew are now sweating it out in Las Wagers....waiting in hope for a place in the slop pattern for the Wet Rag recovery. Meanwhile, back at Rompers Green....View

Part Twenty
Naceval has come and gone and so has Christmas.....but as the New Year dawns on the crew of Ascart 4321, deep in the heart of the U.S.A., they are beginning to think that they have been forgotten....again....View

Part Twenty-One
In an attempt to get back to base without further interference from "Them", Flt.Lt. Coole and crew are making their way home through Glander on a secret itinerary known only to Rompers Ops and themselves....View

Part Twenty-Two
Having finally made it back to Rompers Green and suffered the hardships of a Minenac, the crew of Ascart 4321 now have to get up to date on several administrative matters before they can depart on their next route....View

Part Twenty-Three
Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have now had a short spell back at base to allow them to be categorized... standardized... re-familiarized... legalized and immunized....View

Part Twenty-Four
In an attempt to reach Akronelli, Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have already suffered a one hour delay as a result of a potential flow-confliction....View

Part Twenty-Five
After much delay, Ascart 4321 has reached the NATO base Messimomahem, on a rev-itined flag-stop, to deliver spares to a sick aircraft....View

Part Twenty-Six
Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have managed to reach Akronelli before closing time....View

Part Twenty-Seven
After a refreshing night-stop in Akronelli, the crew of Ascart 4321 are preparing to set off on the reurn leg to Rompers Green....View

Part Twenty-Eight
Following a bit of an oil leak during start-up, Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew are faced with a delay while a new seal is sent out from UK....View

Part Twenty-Nine
The much needed oil seal has failed to arrive at Akronelli and so Flt.Lt. Coole and the crew of Ascart 4321 remain grounded....View

Part Thirty
After many delays, Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew are now ready to depart from Akronelli....View

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