Volume Two

Volume Two consists of parts thirty-one to fifty-two from 1980 to 1982. The entire volume is also available as a PDF file in the download section, suitable for some on route reading or for printing out.

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Foreword - by Chas Finn-Kelcey

Part Thirt-One
Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have managed to make it home in time for Christmas, only to find that they have been put on standby. Any truckie knows that the festive season is the traditional time for the annual transport migration....View

Part Thirty-Two
Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have had a kind invitation to take part in Operation Angina....an operation which they found hard to refuse....View

Part Thirty-Three
Having been refused admission to the Temple of Bags at Braize, Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have missed the WC10 connection out to Akronelli....and the chance to take part in Angina....View

Part Thirty-Four
After an exciting MCT detail in the Rompers zone, the crew must now go to A-Z line to debrief the specialist tradesmen on the various tech-snags which occur during the course of any flight....View

Part Thirty-Five
Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have been tasked with a short-notice fighter squadron move....although they seem unable to discover any information to allow them to plan the sortie....View

Part Thirty-Six
Information on a short-notice fighter squadron move has been rather hard to come by for Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew....View

Part Thirty-Seven
The successful (and more comfortable) recovery of operation Nicetan is now over and life at Rompers Green can return to near normal....View

Part Thirty-Eight
In spite of exhaustive inquiries into a rumoured fighter squadron move, Flt.Lt. Coole seems no closer to getting information on it....View

Part Thirty-Nine
As the effects of Defence Moriarty (as it has become known) start to bite, Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew are finding it more and more difficult to get airborne....View

Part Forty
Flying continues to be somewhat 'thin on the ground' and what little there is doesn't seem to coming the way of Flt.Lt. Coole....or anyone else....View

Part Forty-One
Almost amazingly, Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have had Christmas at home. They return to find that a campaign is underway to bring the "Trooping Flights" back to Rompers Green....where they really belong....View

Part Forty-Two
Flt.Lt. Coole and crew have taken the MK.3 Super-Skytruck (with posh seats) for a test drive....cutbacks and the ghost of Moriarty linger on....View

Part Forty-Three
Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have been searching for a task to fly....but without luck....View

Part Forty-Four
Flt.Lt. Coole and his crew have at last been given a route to fly.... albeit a day trip to Germany.... We rejoin them on departure from Rompers Green....View

Part Forty-Five
The crew of Ascart 4321 are on a day trip to RAF Germany.... They are surprised to find the station, Wildengutterbruch, in the middle of an UN-Naceval.... Meanwhile a strange aeroplane taxys in....View

Part Forty-Six
Having finally succeeded in completing a flight plan which meets German requirements, the crew are now confronted by the duty Air Movements officer....View

Part Forty-Seven
Flt.Lt. Coole and crew have at last completed all the traditional hurdles of an extended day trip to Germany....View

Part Forty-Eight
After and exciting series of minenacs and nacevals, Flt.Lt. Coole & co (sic) find themselves at Rompers Green with a spare day on their hands....View

Part Forty-Nine
After a quick trip to Denmark on Amble Express, our heroes are once more inbound to the UK where the weather continues to be terrible....View

Part Fifty
The dreaded Naceval has come and gone and as with all major aggravations, Rompers Green has taken it all in its stride....View

Part Fifty-One
The festive season has passed, almost quietly.... a little snow here and there perhaps....View

Part Fifty-Two
Fg Off Burke has been summoned to the boss's office, apparently to hear some good news....View

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